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11+ Comprehension PiExams
Boost Your 11+ English Exam Scores 

11+ Comprehension Skills Mastery Video Course

Almost all the 11+ English Exams, irrespective of the board, has a Comprehension section. Scoring higher in this section can significantly boost your child's chances of getting into top Grammar and Independent Schools.

But unfortunately, a lot of students struggle with things like reading between the lines, drawing correct inference, making accurate predictions, answering in the context of the reading text etc.

Our 11+ Comprehension Skills Mastery Course focuses on:
  • Enhancing child's ability to read between the lines 
  • Answering in full sentences using PEE Technique
  • Understanding Contextual Vocabulary 
  • Improving summarising and predictions abilities
  • Time Management
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Key Features of 11+ Comprehension Video Course

Recommended for all children in Years 4, 5 and 6. Designed to improve English Comprehension for 11+ Exams.

Comprehension Skills With 11+ Exam Tips

Learn Comprehension Skills With 11+ Exam Tips

11+ Time Management

Learn How to Perform Under Timed Conditions

Build Vocabulary and Grammar for 11+ Exams

Good Mix of Concept & Practice Lessons

Build Vocabulary and Grammar for 11+ Exams

Homework with Detailed Answers for Each Skill 

Helping Students Master 11+ Comprehension Skills

This video course is designed by our 11+ Experts to focus on the 8 Key Comprehension Skills which are frequently asked in 11+ Exams. We have provided concept building as well as practice video lessons for each of the following 8 skills:

    • Information Retrieval
    • Vocabulary in Context
    • Literary Devices in Comprehension
    • Close Reading
    • Inference
    • Predictions
    • Summary
    • Author's Choice
  • We have also covered the most popular Point, Evidence Explain technique to help students meticulously structure their long answers and gain full marks for such questions  in 11+ Exams. 
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11+ Comprehension Exam Skills


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11+ Comprehension Skills Mastery Video Course

  • Structured course divided into 9 Modules
  • Crisp concept building and practice lessons
  • Homework with Detailed Answers 
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Suitable for all Grammar and Independent Schools
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