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Advanced Algebra Word Problems for 11+ Exam

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Master the 11+ advanced Algebra word problems from scratch and be ready to ace the 11+ Exam! 

Course designed by PiAcademy 11+ Exam Experts. 100% Success rate in Placing 11+ children for 9 consecutive years. Our challenging resources will help you get a seat in the school of your choice. 💺 

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Why This Course?



11+ Advanced Algebra is carefully designed by our expert tutors to help your child master advanced 11 plus Algebra concepts and learn the various techniques of solving Algebra word problems. We have followed our strict no-fuss, no-nonsense policy while creating the course contents. This course gradually builds on fundamental concepts of 11+ Algebra and covers the advanced Algebra topics in great detail. 


  • LEARN - Crisp concept building video lessons to help your child learn Advanced Algebra concepts & techniques.
  • PRACTICE - Practice resources like homework, worksheets, 11+ past paper questions, mental maths & puzzles to practice daily learnt concepts                 
  • ASSESS - Test & track your child’s learning progress with our regular challenging Assessments
  • MASTER - Certificate of Completion at the end of course for scoring more than 80% in the final Mock exam



11 plus Advanced Algebra Course spreads over 7 days with video lectures, homework and other practice materials for each day. Firstly, we have carefully designed this course to ensure that your child gets everything he needs for mastering 11+ advanced Algebra word problems in one place. Secondly, we have provided a suggested list of activities to be performed for each day. Watch the video lessons and proactive the resources provided with the right amount of dedication and discipline to become 11+ Advanced Algebra Master in just 7 days.

Enrol Now and begin your learning journey for the following advanced 11+ Algebra topics today:

Day 1 Consecutive Numbers


Day 2 Variables on Both Sides


Day 3 Age Problems


Day 4 Algebra Fraction Word problems 


Day 5 Algebra Coin and Price problems


Day 6 Simultaneous Equations


Day 7 Algebra Digit Problems


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Key 11+ Exam Resources Provided in this Course


🎥 ​​Video Lessons with Subtitles:
Crisp Concept Building and Practice Video Lessons with easy to understand language and subtitles. Each lesson is prepared by our experienced 11+ Maths Experts.

🗓️ ​​Homework:
Daily homework with different levels of questions based on topics covered in the video lessons. The homework is designed to enhance your child’s understanding of the advanced 11+ algebra topics.

📝  ​​Worksheets:
Worksheets are provided for each video lesson to help your child quickly practice the concepts learnt. It is recommended to solve the worksheets before solving the homework each day.

💯 ​​Assessments:
Challenging assessments placed strategically throughout the course to keep a track of your chid’s learning progress.

🧠 ​​Mental Maths:
Mental Maths test is provided for each day to improve your child’s computational speed by enhancing number sense, accuracy and innovative thinking with numbers.

🧭  ​​Past Paper Questions:
Solving 11+ maths past paper questions provided in the course is a real confidence booster for children.

​🧩 Puzzles:
11+ Advanced Algebra puzzles at regular intervals to test your child's critical thinking and logical skills.

🎓 ​​Certificate of Completion:
On scoring above 80% in our Final Mock Exam, your child will receive a Certificate of Excellence from PiAcademy Tutors.


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