Fractions Word Problems - Examples and Questions with Answers

algebra Jun 03, 2021

What are Fractions Word Problems?

Fraction is the most fundamental topic in mathematics. Before starting this fraction word problem we must have knowledge of the following:

  • What is fraction addition?
  • What is fraction subtraction?
  • What is fraction multiplication?
  • What is fraction division?

After knowing all this we can easily solve algebraic fraction word problems.

How to solve Fractions Word Problems?

Example 1: One-eighth of a number added to its fourth part, is ten less than the number. What is the number?



Fractions Word Problems 


  1. 3/5th of a number is 75. Find the number.
  2. Bob reads two-seventh of 49 pages of his lesson. How many more pages left to complete the lesson?
  3. One-third of a number is 3 more than one-sixth of the number. Find out the number.
  4. One-fourth of a number is 25 less than two-fourth of the number. What is three-fourths of the number?
  5. One-sixth of a number added to its fourth part is seven less than the number. What is the number?


  1. 125
  2. 35 pages
  3. 18
  4. 75
  5. 12

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