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Start your journey of Mastering 11 plus Fractions from scratch today & boost your 11+ Exam Scores.

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Course designed by PiAcademy 11+ Exam Experts. 100% Success rate in Placing 11+ children for 9 consecutive years. Our challenging resources will help you get a seat in the school of your choice. 💺

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Why This Course?


Mastering 11+ Fractions is designed by our 11+ expert tutors having a combined tutoring experience of over 5,000 hours. This 11 plus course focuses on building the fractions concept of  from the very basics and then gradually teaches them how to solve word problems involving fractions. We have followed our strict no-fuss, no-nonsense policy while creating the course contents which will enable your child to master the 11+ Exam Tips, Tricks and Techniques. 

What is the structure of 11+ Fractions Lessons?

Each of the 11+ Fractions Video Lessons is designed following our Learn - Practice - Master approach. 

  • LEARN - This section of the lesson explains the concept in an easy to understand yet crisp manner.
  • PRACTICE - Once the pupil is familiar with the concept, the next section of the lesson is about solving questions based on concepts learnt.          
  • MASTER - After the practice section, comes the Test Yourself section where the pupils get to show their mastery of concepts covered in the video lesson.

Enrol Now and begin your learning journey for the following 11+ Fractions topics today:

11+ Fractions Basics

  • Converting Fractions
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Reducing Fractions
  • Adding Fractions
  • Subtracting Fractions
  • Multiplying Fractions 
  • Dividing Fractions

11+ Fractions Level Up

  • Comparing Fractions
  • LCM and HCF
  • Ordering Fractions
  • Shading Fractions
  • Converting Fractions to Decimals
  • Converting Fractions to Percentages
  • Fractions Word Problems
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Expert Video Lessons

Unlock crisp concepts building 11+ Fractions Video Lessons developed by experienced 11+ Experts.

Over 70 Practice Resources

Practice Homework, Worksheets, Mental Maths, Puzzles, Past Paper Questions & more.

Regular Assessments & Mock

Track your learning progress through challenging 11+ Assessments & Mock spread throughout the course.

Key 11+ Exam Resources Provided in this Course


🎥 ​​Video Lessons
Video lessons packed with 11+ Fractions concepts, practice questions and test yourself questions. Learn, practice & master Fractions for your 11+ Exam..

🗓️ ​​Homework:
With dedicated homework for each video lesson, we have ensured that your child gets enough practice to grasp each and every topic.

📝  ​​Worksheets:
Worksheets are good for quickly practicing the concepts learnt. in the video lessons It is recommended to solve the worksheets before solving the homework for each topic..

💯 ​​Assessments:
Assessments are placed at regular intervals throughout the course to help you track the learning progress of your child.

🧠 ​​Mental Maths:
To help your child improve his/her computational speed by enhancing number sense, accuracy and innovative thinking with fractions, we have provided Mental Maths exercises.

🧭  ​​Past Paper Questions:
Learn Fractions with us and solve 11+ Past Paper Fractions Questions with ease. We have provided past paper questions with solution for different fractions topics.

​🧩 Puzzles:
11+ Fractions puzzles at regular intervals to test and enhance your child's critical thinking and logical skills.

🎓 ​​Certificate of Completion:
On scoring above 80% in our Final Mock Exam, your child will receive a Certificate of Completion from PiAcademy Tutors.

Join This Course for Only £79

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