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Mastering Algebra Fundamentals for 11+ Exams
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Every Mastery Course is Equipped With Helpful Materials

Video Lessons

Teaches various 11+ exam techniques with simple and effective language style

Daily Planner

Achieve Your Goals with our tried and tested 100% success daily planners.


Brilliant quick-fire worksheets practice questions followed along with the videos


Milestones to check how the student is learning the topic. Find the weak areas and start practising. 

Past Paper Questions

Achieve Your Goals with our tried and tested 100% success daily planners.

Certificate of Completion

Your child deserves a reward after completion. Get a certificate once each course complete.

11+ Daily Planner

Every Course comes up with a detailed planner. This is a tried and tested planner by PiExams to achieve 100% success rate in getting your preferred school of choice through 11+ Exam.




Each Lesson is associated with a homework and detailed answers. Make sure your child is practicing the homework after finishing watching the video lessons. Homework practice boosts 90% of the topic mastery.


11+ Past Paper Questions

Each Lesson is associated with 11+ past paper questions and detailed answers. These questions are hand picked by our 11+ expert teachers to give a challenge once they learn the 11+ topics. Tip: use the Stopwatch to learn the time management.



Also: 11+ Worksheets, Puzzles, Mental Maths Tests and many more resources bundled into Courses

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